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Find successful thumbnails specific to your niche in seconds. Each thumbnail has been tagged with ‘conversion prompts’, so you can understand the most important elements of a thumbnail at a glance. On YouTube, anything goes - but you'll find that there are certain trends that are common to success.

Our awesome features
Video breakdowns of YouTube thumbnails

Discover The Tricks of Thumbnail Masters

The Thumbnail Vault is more than just a tagging system for YouTube thumbnails. We go above and beyond, providing you with video explanations breaking down and dissecting the elements that made each thumbnail a hit and earned it millions of views. This is the fastest and easiest way to level up your thumbnail knowledge in record time.

Our awesome features

The Thumbnail Playbook

Instead of spending time scrolling through Twitter, invest that time in exploring a continually expanding collection of blog posts. Analyze the reasons behind the success of various thumbnails and how you can incorporate these insights into your own thumbnail designs.

WHY The Thumbnail Vault?

Increase your click-through rates and get more views

If you're releasing videos on a regular basis, it can be challenging to create eye-catching thumbnail designs that attract clicks. With The Thumbnail Vault, you can easily browse the top-performing thumbnails in your niche or in other niches that are known to generate a lot of clicks.

Easy & Intuitive

The Thumbnail Vault is the easiest no-code solution to browse thousands of thumbnails in seconds.

Easily browse by niche

We have over 70+ niches making it simple to find designs that are relevant to your content and target audience.

Constantly Updated

A blend of Artificial Intelligence and handpicking keeps our vault up-to-date with the best thumbnails on YouTube.

What Makes Them Clickable

Each thumbnail is tagged based on conversion prompts that generate clicks. Tags such as Arrows, Social Hacking, Timelapse, Before & After, etc.


You can easily find thumbnails to fit your needs based on; niche, conversion prompt, and channel name.

Blazingly Fast

The Thumbnail Vault uses Google's API to keep up-to-date information and display it instantly.

Over Seventy Niches


Over Seventy Niches

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